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Where Love Meets the Wild
Where Love Meets the Wild: Discover Your Ideal Savannah Cat at Love Savannahs
Kitten Available
Expertly Bred, Endlessly Loved
Expertly Bred, Endlessly Loved: Welcome Home a Savannah Cat from Love Savannahs!
Kitten Available
Unleash the Exotic Elegance
Unleash the Exotic Elegance: Find Your Perfect Savannah Cat at Love Savannahs!
Kitten Available


Love Savannahs is the ideal place to purchase a Savannah cat thanks to Jennifer Castricone’s expertise as an animal lover, teacher, and owner of both Savannah cats and horses.

We provide a nurturing environment and follows responsible breeding practices, ensuring each kitten finds a loving forever home. For those seeking a feline companion with a touch of the wild and a heart full of love, Love Savannahs is the perfect choice.



Address: Nampa, Idaho


Our Cats

SBT silver King Kyro
of East Tennessee Savannahs

SBT Prince Ekon

Queen Delila

F1 Queen Sapphire

F2 Queen Zara

Retired Princess Sabra of
Love Savannahs.
She is enjoying her best life in a pet home.

Available Kittens
F1 Sapphire x SBT Ekon
Born 02-07-‘24

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